Famous food streets in Saigon

Saigon has long been known as a sleepless city with eateries, restaurants never closing. At any time of the day, just walking down the streets then you can find for yourself a yummy dish. More than that, in Saigon, over the course of time, numerous streets have come into being with various decent eateries, whose addresses are so familiar that only mentioning the street name can you tell what dishes are served and at what time…

1.Nguyen Tri Phuong Street - District 10

Besides Che Thai, this road also attracts customers with many different delicious dishes. There are no less than 10 noodle restaurants with many famous brands in Saigon here. What’s more, there are restaurants serving hu tieu Nam Vang, banh canh (crab soup), com tam (broken rice)...

When the weather gets cold, hot pot is the ideal dish and among different hot pot types, stick hot pot is the local specialty. True to its name, the fresh ingredients - seafood, vegetable, mushrooms - are put in sticks for people to choose.

2. Nguyen Huu Cau Street - District 1

Located at the side of the Tan Dinh Market, though small, Nguyen Huu Cau Street is always crammed with diners from early morning to midnight. This street is the center of all Hue’s famous dishes such as banh beo, banh loc (rice cakes with shrimp), Nam Pho rice cake, nem nuong (baked rolls), beef noodle... with the intoxicating spicy taste.

At the beginning of the street near Tan Dinh market is a chain of eateries serving rice, pho, porridge, hu tieu, banh canh and sweet soup…. These dishes are tasty and reasonably-priced but not quite special, thus leaving little impression on diners.

You can also enjoy Thai food at relatively cheap prices here.

3. Hong Ha Street – Tan Binh District

This is the road for dishes of the northern region. In addition to pho (noodle), you could name more than 10 cuisines of the northern region sold at restaurants along this road, such as nem tai (pig’s ear spring rolls), vermicelli with fried soya curd and shrimp paste sauce, vermicelli with fried anabas, bun cha, chao suon (rice soup with pork ribs), crab rice cakes, snail noodles...

According to many diners, including both from northern and local people, dishes offered at the restaurants here still maintain the special flavors of the North.

4. Phan Xich Long Street - Phu Nhuan District

Here, you can easily enjoy bun bo Hue (vermicelli with beef), or bun ca Da Nang (vermicelli with fish) of Da, bun dau mam tom (vermicelli with soya curd and shrimp paste sauce) of the north or pho kho (dry noodle) of Pleiku.

After the afternoon rains or the windy evening, boiled corn or roasted sweet potatoes sold by vendors are the choices of many people.

You are also tempted by the restaurants offering snails, seafood or roasted chicken legs, which are always packed at night.

In addition to the above typical streets, Saigon has many other places for you to choose, namely Tan Ky Tan Quy in Tan Phu District - for grilled snakehead, Tran Khac Chan in District 1 - for banh canh (crab soup), Tran Mai Ninh in Tan Binh District – for cuisines of the central region or Pham Van Hai in Tan Binh District –for northern food.