Best Places for Street Food in Hanoi

Hanoi has the lanes including dozens of the eateries selling the same dish. This makes Hanoi cuisine become unique because the streets are named after the dishes. Let’s explore the best places to eat street food in with 365travel.

1. Hoan Kiem Street

This street is not long, only about 50 meters away, but here it gathers up to 5 or 6 stores selling the sweet and sour salad served with dried beef. These stores are close to each other. This dish includes the familiar ingredients, such as papaya, dried beef, herbs, roasted peanuts, sauces. These create the fame of this street.

The street is right next to Hoan Kiem Lake, attracting a lot of customers regardless of winter or summer. The price of this dish is not expensive, only from about 30.000VND(1.5USD).

2. Cau Go - Seafood Street

Cau Go Seafood Street, located near Hoan Kiem Street, used to be well known for its fresh tea. Today, this street has become the seafood street which serves delicious and affordable dishes. The street starts to open at 5 p.m and sells until late at night.

It is ready to serve all diners with a full range of seafood, from the expensive dishes, such as lobster and abalone, to the dishes like snails, oysters. There are dozens of seafood stores along this street, which attract a great number of customers.

3. Gam Cau - Grilled Tripes Street

Regardless of the cold or hot weather, the grilled dishes are always the favorite ones of many customers. Gam Cau Street is a familiar place with the grilled dishes, like grilled beef, grilled bacon which are aromatized with the traditional recipes. This creates the unique taste compared with other stores. The street starts to open at night. It is famous for the delicious and cheap dishes, around 80.000 – 100.000VND/ person (4-5USD/person) which is suitable for those who want to gather.

4. Hoe Nhai - beefsteak street

If you come here for the first time, you will be dazzled by many beefsteak stores which are close to each other and you will wonder which store you should enter. A typical plate at Hoe Nhai Street basically includes: beef, pate, omelet, meatball, onions, tomatoes…The taste is quite different. The price is about 70.000VND (3.5USD).

5. Ngu Xa - Rolled Pho Street

Rolled Pho which was born in Ngu Xa, a small street near Truc Bach Lake, is a specialty dish. That is the reason why when mentioning this dish, Hanoi people always mention the name of this street. Now, Ngu Xa has not only rolled Pho but also fried Pho which is very easy to eat. The price here is quite cheap, from 20.000-55.000VND.

6. Hang Buom - Food Street

This is a new food street which attracts many customers. On this 300-meter street, there are about 40 stalls selling all kinds of the sidewalk food and drinks.

The most popular dish with the cheap price is the hot pot of river fish, frog, chicken; mixed grilled dishes; grilled fish… A hot pot/ grilled dishes for 4 to 6 people to eat costs about 300.000 to 400.000VND (15-20USD)