Great Food Streets in Hanoi

Many tourists consider that Hanoi’s streets are local food streets. You can easily see more than one restaurant offering banh mi or pho in every road or alley. 5 famous food streets below are the ones you should not miss when visiting this interesting capital city.

1. Ta Hien Street

Although Ta Hien street is small and narrow, all vendors contain many crowds gathering. Just sitting on the small plastic chairs, eating some snack food is great enough for you to chat with friends all day.

Ta Hien Street gets more crowded after 5 p.m. It offers two popular street styles. One is the food stalls selling fried nem chua, twist potato, cheese stick and lemon tea. Other is the restaurants serving beers with fried chip and peanut.

2. Dao Duy Tu Street

Situated near Ta Hien Street, Dao Duy Tu Street has many food vendors selling lemon tea.

There are a lot of teenagers gathering in this place. It does not only offer the best lemon tea in Hanoi, but it also serves the pure and odor tea leaves. Apart from lemon tea, Dao Duy Tu is widely famous for sweetened porridge, stuffed pancake, grilled meat with rice.

3. Ngo Dong Xuan

It is a narrow and small street. However, most street food vendors in Dong Xuan are always busy and crowded.

There are many stalls selling Vietnamese pancake, shrimp in batter in the beginning of Dong Xuan lane. When walking further, you will have a chance to try great dishes of vermicelli with lean pork paste and bamboo shoot or snail rice noodles in some local restaurants.

4. Ngo Trang Tien

Ngo Trang Tien lies on the road running to Phan Chu Trinh Street. Coming to this place, there is no wonder if you see the handsome men in suits eating sweetened porridge or some fashionable women tasting the tofu rice vermicelli with shrimp paste.

Actually, Ngo Trang Tien is the favorite place of both students and officers. There are many stalls which sell fried rice, fish rice noodle or tofu rice vermicelli with shrimp paste.

For the desserts, it is a great idea to take sweetened porridge or soybean into consideration. This place offers the impressively affordable dishes in comparison to other food streets around the city center.

5. Ngo Cam Chi, Tong Duy Tan Street

If you are interested in discovering Hanoi food streets, you cannot skip Tong Duy Tan Street and Ngo Cam Chi.

It's noticeable specialty comes from the 24/7 restaurants or food stalls. That is why Ngo Cam Chi is busy and crowded from the night to the early morning. One advantage is that this place offers many street foods such as rice, pho, congee, steamed glutinous rice, noodle, hot pot. However, the price is not very cheap.

Ngo Cam Chi, Tong Duy Tan street keeps its cuisine culture for so many years, so many local people consider this busy and bustling place as one of the greatest food streets in Hanoi.