Popular Dishes around the Old Quarter of Hanoi

If you have a chance to visit Hanoi, don’t forget to try these special street foods to understand more about the Vietnamese culture. These foods are very popular to Hanoians with the tasteful flavor and affordable price.

1. The meat pie

Wandering in Hanoi, you can find a lot of meat pie stores along the streets. The meat pie is classified in the row of the famous snacks in the city, with simple ingredients, mainly from rice flour, minced meat, and ear mushroom. A hot cake is 10,000VND. You can eat at Kim Lien, Thuy Khue Street, Nguyen Cong Tru Market, Hom Market, Dong Cac.

2. Noodle with grilled pork in Hang Than

Hang Than which serves noodle with grilled pork is famous for the cheap dishes. An ordinary noodle bowl costs about 35,000VND. It is attractive with the smell of big chopped pork rolled by the piper lolot.

3. To Tich Pickle

For a long time, the pickle of To Tich has become a part of the famous street foods in Hanoi. The fruits are placed in a medium size glass bowl, full of fruits, such as watermelon, mango, jackfruit, strawberry. Even durians and star apples … are available to serve the needs of the customers. The seller sprinkles a little-concentrated milk and coconut milk to enhance the aroma. And finally, add a little-shaved ice.

4. Snail Noodle Soup

Snail noodle soup is a typical dish of Hanoi because of its sophistication and excellent taste. The broth is quite sour, spicy. It is mixed with the greasy of snail, the smell of tofu. Snail noodle has lots of kinds: cold snail noodle, beef noodle, snails, and crabs noodle… You can go to Hang Luoc Street to enjoy this dish.

5. Sweet and sour salad with dried beef

In Hanoi, when referring to sweet and sour salad dish, people always think of Hoan Kiem Street – right at the center of the old town. One plate of this dish here is quite full. In addition to the traditional scraped papaya and herbs, there are a lot of beef: dried beef which is cut into pieces, sliced beef, roasted gizzard... When you enjoy, these ingredients are mixed with sour and sweet sauces.

6. Pig’s tripe gruel in Hang Tre

This dish is not as eye-catching as the frog gruel, fish gruel, pork rib porridge but any guests who have enjoyed the bowl of the hot gruel in Hang Tre cannot forget the special taste. The gruel is really delicious, served with the greasy crullers.

7. Fermented pork roll in Au Trieu

This store opens from 2 pm to midnight. Unlike the spring roll, this dish still remains the fresh pink color of the meat along with glue wrapped outside. In addition, you can enjoy other dishes here, like yellow-stripe scads, amberjacks or grilled squids.

8. Hung Trong Noodle

Hung Trong Noodle has become a trademark; because guests come to eat in line, sit in the low seat to enjoy the bowl of noodle. Pho here is widely well known for its good taste, rich flavor, sweet broth, aromatic, smooth noodle and soft meat.