4 Great Streets Food in Saigon

Street eateries are a feature of Saigon’s cuisine. Cheap, tasty, convenient and crowded – those are some of the reasons why many young people would rather eat at sidewalk than visit gourmet and high-end restaurants. Here is a list of street eateries that are always packed and must be once tried if you visit Saigon.

1. Grilled girdle-cake at CaoThang Street

Just by chance passing by #51, Cao Thang Str., District 3, looking at crowds of the youth, you may be wondering whether there is a live show there. The spacious yard ahead of an automobile showroom seems not enough for the hordes of people making their way to enjoy the famous grilled girdle-cake.

Here girdle-cake of Dalat is served with various attractive toppings – meats, cheese, seafood, etc., coupled with sticky girdle-cake that nowhere has. Honestly speaking, this dish is not exactly as tasty as that of Dalat, but it is delicious enough to whet your appetite.

To meet your demand, besides grilled girdle-cake, lemon tea, bubble tea, and octopus are also sold here. Young people just come around and order their favorite food nonstop. Enjoying girdle-cake, sipping lemon tea and chit-chatting with your friends will make you feel so great!

2. Sushi at Nguyen Van Cu Street

Sushi has long been known as a high-end dish in Vietnam. It is served in Japanese restaurants at a hefty price. However, on Nguyen Van Cu Street in district 5, there is a sushi carb always packed with diners.

Sushi is served here in such a plain style, but the quality is not low at all, and the price is very reasonable. M-H sushi is always crowded with throngs of diners. It's closing time is 9-10 pm but all the famous dishes are always sold out at around 7 pm.

3. Banh duc (Rice cake made of rice flour and lime water) at Phan Dang Luu street

Just passing by the 116 alleys on Phan Dang Luu Street, you can in no time feel the crowded atmosphere here, with long lines of motorbikes and diners from inside, and hordes of people relishing hot off-stove bowls of Banh Duc.

Banh Duc here has a different and unique flavor, tasting buttery and spicy sweet. It is favored by many diners. Though crowded, it only takes you 5 minutes to wait for a hot savory bowl of Banh Duc.

4. Bo la lot (Grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf) at Co Giang street

Co Giang is a famous street for street food in district 1. Coming here, you can find for yourself nearly every familiar kind of food, ranging from crab soup, girdle-cake to vermicelli, pho, porridge, snails…

One of the most appealing food stalls is Bo La Lot Phuong. The attraction of this stall is that it is always densely packed with droves of diners, much more than the neighboring stalls.

Of course, we can’t miss the irresistible bo la lot rolled in girdle-cake with butter. Each portion costs only 20.000VND (1usd). It is cheap enough for a superb, cozy, and friendly served meal, right?